We at HANKE,

the company for foundry cooperation mbH from Eberswalde,

10Together with our customers we develop technically and technologically mature complex solutions for components for circuits in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, vehicle steering systems, as well as cast parts with special tightness and porosity requirements.

Ex oriente lux…

HANKE ggk mbH is proud to be a leading East German company with international partnerships.

Founded in Berlin in 1993, HANKE Gesellschaft relocated its headquarters to Eberswalde in Brandenburg in 1995. This is where we are at home, this is where we are rooted! Our home region Berlin Brandenburg in particular has an above-average infrastructure of technical colleges and universities. These ensure that modern technologies find a good breeding ground in East Germany. Here is a modern technology grant.

We live a Europe based on partnership ...

Z7 8856 02 Verwaltungfor over 20 years through countless development and investment collaborations with currently 16 companies from Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Italy. These companies are medium-sized companies that complement each other in terms of their quality requirements, company philosophies and strategic developments. Joint investments in new technical processes and the development of new technologies have made us equal partners in our special market segment.

Our competencies

At the beginning of our business activities, the focus was on the manufacture of die-cast parts for general needs. Today we have an overview of the vertically developed business areas in the automotive sector.

We offer complete solutions as a combination of goods and services for the automotive industry. We put these combinations together specifically for our customers and optimize them according to their needs. Here we use a professional and high-tech range:

  • Precision die-cast aluminum
  • Product development and design
  • Tool design and manufacture
  • Machining
  • Process automation

In the future, we want to develop our skills in the field of
the assembly of components.

Our currently 50 employees ensure top products from well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Lada, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault and Toyota. This means that 90% of our products and services are exported and are a figurehead for top East German know-how.

In our competence area, we present the individual areas with our sophisticated solution options and offers in detail.

Z7 8154 02 Produkt Develop together, be successful together.

HANKE ggk mbH is actively looking towards the future. As part of our own entrepreneurial development, we have discovered synergy effects from collaborations as catalysts of our mutual success. We stand by this and, in addition to our membership in the usual legally prescribed organizations, chambers and associations, we are also involved in the Automotive Cluster East Germany. The ACOD is the platform for action for automobile manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, research institutes, associations and institutions active in East Germany.

HANKE - success parameters

We produce certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 standard in our main area of automotive (steering, gearshift) and in the area of gas-tight die casting.

Z7 8223 02 RoentgenHere takes place during the

permanent process control takes place throughout the production process. From the careful selection of the input materials through numerous intermediate checks to the final inspection, it is guaranteed that all products leave the company only as guaranteed quality castings.

We work professionally on new projects with our customers on an equal footing in development partnerships.

We are an owner-managed company with high flexibility, impressive speed, constant reliability and work in solution-oriented and partnership-based networks.

We offer products and services of absolute top quality, maximum precision, above-average resilience and particularly high efficiency. We recognize country-specific customer requirements in Japan, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Poland and Slovakia and implement them in our internationally sought-after premium products and solutions.

Welcome to the world of HANKE, your company for foundry cooperation mbH from Eberswalde!

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